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Excel Webinar is a modern online course format. Therefore a e-learning type that uses real-time audio-video transmission. The „current data transfer” / „streaming” technology allows you to transfer data such as audio, vision and „live” text so that the webinar participant receives a full-fledged course.

Technical informations about Excel webinar classes.

With our Excel webinar you get in real time:

  • audio – you hear the teacher who conducts the webinar
  • video – you can see the lecturer who leads the webinar and current issues, and perform exercises and functions
  • questions and tips – you can ask questions and receive answers directly from the instructons
  • slide show and work with macros – you can see them all on your screen and you can compare them with your actions.

Our webinar are lectures and scenarios of exercises. This type of lecture on the internet consists in presenting the subject by the instructor, explanations on a regular basis, showing on the screen.The participant watches, listens, can ask questions and comment and take notes. You can also answer questions and problems presented by the instructor, which will raise the level of the course in an individual, unique way.

Transmission quality:

Thanks to the use of the latest software and high-speed Internet connections, the quality of our transmissions is very good. Before the webinar, make sure that your computer meets the technical requirements for people taking part in the webinar. We are using VPN connection, to let you participate in best quality classes.


First you need to find time and date of lesson that you are interested in.
Next you will get a direct link to join classes.
Then you need to klick the link and start learning with us.

Technical aspect of how we conduct Excel-webinar?

Trainings are conducted by experienced trainers who know Excel from the ground up to the advanced level and also conduct stationary training. The instructor conducts „live” training. He discusses the topic assigned to a given lesson. You can find the date and time of the broadcast of planned webinars in the „when” ite and our calendar.

If you want to learn Excel, if you are going to use Excel effectively, even if you’ve been using Excel for a while, check out our offer of Excel online webinars to make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered – and maybe learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us and ask additional questions.