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The agenda of Excel for Beginners and for Advanced Users courses you will find linked below:

Excel for Beginners:

Basic information on Microsoft Excel:

Introduction to Excel:

  • worksheet functions in a workbook
  • a ribbon functions’ overwiev
  • context menu use
  • customize the Quick Acess Toolbar
  • dialog box launch

Inserting and editting data:

  • types of data in a worksheet
  • inserting text and value to a worksheet
  • inserting dates and time
  • modification of cells’ content
  • numbers’ format functions

Main worksheet actions:

  • basic rules for a worksheet use
  • worksheet view
  • use and work of rows and columns

Cells selection:

  • selecting cells and a range of cells
  • copy and drag functions for the range of cells
  • naming the boxes
  • adding comments to cells


  • what’s a table?
  • creating a table
  • modification of a table
  • use of tables for different purposes

Worksheet formatting:

  • formatting tools overwiev:
  • adjusting a text
  • colouring and shading
  • borders and styles
  • Format Painter use

Formulas and functions:

  • introducing formula and function section:
  • basic information on formula
  • inserting a formula to a worksheet
  • formula bar and formula edit
  • cell formula reference
  • the most common formulas errors
  • advance technique of creating file names
  • useful tips

Formulas usage for text function:

  • introduction to Excel text function
  • text function review
  • advance text formulas

Date and time formats:

  • Excel interpretation of date and time formats
  • functions referring dates
  • functions referring time zones and time units

Math and trigonometry formulas (functions):

  • counting and summation of worksheet cells
  • basic counting formulas
  • advance counting formulas
  • sum formulas
  • conditional sums / one criteria
  • conditional sums / a few criteria

Excel for Advanced Users:

Management and data analysis:

  • data sorting
  • filter data / advance filter
  • filter data via many criteria (or, if)
  • tools for data analysis

Advance formatting techniques:

  • view type, fields, colors, fonts, borders and styles
  • adapting numbers and date formats
  • tables, styles, rows, columns and cells setup

Displaying time and date in Excel:

  • description of time in Excel – time as a number (format numbers)
  • creating time and date and its proper formatting
  • time operations, time functions practical use

Inserting and using charts in Excel:

  • inserting data, formatting for charts organization (Excel data table)
  • chart mode selection for particular data:
  • column, line, pie, bar, area charts etc.
  • advance charts e.i. stock exchange charts, radar charts, area charts etc.
  • charts edit: adding elements, changing fonts and styles

Searching data options:

  • using logic functions: if, or, and
  • using functions: row function and column function
  • using functions: chose, find and index
  • using nested function for searching within other search functions.

Excel functions:

  • using functions in Excel
  • math and trigonometry function and its logic variation based on proper criteria
  • statistics, math and text functions usage


  • creating and updating a PivotTable
  • working with data within PivotTables: how to sum, sort and filter data
  • adding conditional formattin to a PivotTable
  • creating charts on basis of PivotTables
  • Pivot Tables modification via macros
  • analitical tools based on PivotTables

Advanced use of Excel 2013:

  • keyboard shortcut selection
  • the ribbon effective use and customizing Quick Access Toolbar
  • fixing the most common formula errors – analysis

Excel course / contact

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