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Excel consultations / webinar for Excel

Our offer of Excel consultations consists of classes for every Excel Users’s levels / webinar for Excel is also available. Our instructors are experienced of courses for all levels of Excel Users e.i. basics skills, intermediate and advanced level of its usage. The individually classes may occure the most effective and profitable course for you of all our trainings offer. We shall hold the trainings at our seat or at Client’s workplace. Due to its face-to-face formulae you can choose the most suitable rate for absorption of new knowledge and for very useful exercises. This kind of consulation allows to concentrate on a proper needs and expactation of a student and to find out an insufficiency of accrued Excel practice.

Excel consultations / formulae / webinar for Excel

The consultations formulae refers both basic skills for Excel Beginners, intermediate level for those who has already worked on MS-Excel’s sheets and advanced classes for the users who depend heavily on it. We suggest to take a profit of data provided by students (although it is not sine qua non for these exercises) just to speed up the consuming of the information given during the classes. We strongly insist on very practical and comprehensive character of all classes we arrange. We do press on teaching the very useful aspects of MS Excel application during the course. Thus, we can also prepare all training on precise problems scenario given by the Client. We believe that this solution will give you the most intense charactef of Excel consultations. However, we suggest that the duration of the classes should be limited to a few brief meetings. For the individual classes we suggest 4 hours for one meeting shall not be exceeded for keeping the highest level of students’ concentration because of intensity of such a meeting formulae.

Excel consultations  / room / place / extras

We usually hold the consultations at our Clients’ workplace. Thus, we minimalize the time for the training and facilitate the practice exercise by using documents of business. We can also arrange classes at our office in the very center of Warsaw, or at any place indicated by the Client or as webinar for Excel classes online if it is your choice.

Taking profit of solid data provided by students we are ready to prepare additional extra exercises for all consultations’ participants. All exercise scripts that will be provided to all participants during the course are precious base for recalling the use of all functions in Excel that have been talked over.

We are open to any questions that may come up after the class. You can contact us via e-mail. In a case of any particular problem you may send us the file with description of a problem that occurs. You are also invited to contact us via our website (internet forum created for our students) where you are invited to ask your class trainers questions.

Excel consultations / contact

If you are interested in our offer as above, please do not hesitate to contact us to set all the necessary details.