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Our Excel tutor online is a new way to learn Microsoft Excel. First of all, as one of the basic business tools worldwide, Excel has become a separate teaching subject. Our e-learning program offers flexiblity and is easily adaptable to needs of stundents of all levels. From  begginers to advanced users.

The profits Excel tutor online

Excel tutor online provides the most effective ways of learning Microsoft Excel. Thanks to the flexible formula, the courses can be adapted to a wide variety of learning needs. Students can learn in small groups or also take part in individual classes, depending on their preferences. Moreover, our Excel tutor online makes it possible to learn Excel for those who lack the time for traditional lessons. It is a comfortable and cost-effective way of learning new skills.

We also offer our online lessons in three levels of advancement:Excel tutor online

  • beginners  – for all those users who has not worked on Excel yet, or just have some basic idea what it is. The basics of MS Excel: creating formulas and calculations, working with columns, rows of cells, basic data table setups, simple filters and preparing to printing.
  • intermediate users– for those who has already worked with Excel’s sheets, and want to improve their knowledge to work comfortably: keyboard shortcuts, autofilters. As well as importing data, working with multiple sheets. Intermediate relations formulas, functions and basic graphic elements.
  • advanced users– for the users who depend heavily on Excel to prepare professional seets, also work with complex data.Nested functions and complex formulas, consolidating data in multiple worksheets, advanced filers, PivotTable and PivotCharts, data forms issues. Apart from that – Microsoft Query questions, using the Analysis, macros. Finally, graphic elements.

In the years to come, Excel online tutor is one of the most promising new trends, thanks to our Excel online tutor Learning can now be possible beyond the traditional learning dimension.

If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us to determine all the necessary details. Finally please provide us with a short information regarding your Excel skills level and lesson dates most convenient for you.