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Excel learn at home

Do you know that you can choose this way to get well knowledge? In our opinion this is the future of e-learning. And for sure a very comfortable. Esspecialy for those who can’t or won’t leave home or office. Or if you are anywere ealse, like trip, or vacations. Also for people with lack of time, or without possibility to travel, our excel webinar is very effective, and cheaper way of learning. But still you will learn new skills.

Without leaving home – helps to improve yourself if you can’t leave home. Due to gradual encouragement of the student. We work usually in small groups or individual classes. You can find appropriate class mode, fits personally to you. And learn without leaving home. It is also perfect way if you are sick. You don’t have miss classes. So make a hot tea, and join our excel webinar. Don’t miss knowledge!

It doesn’t matter what kind of personality you are. An individualist, or shy and modest. Ot if you like to learn in group – without leaving a home lets you learn freely and comfortable. The knowledge and skills will come to your home. Just learn it!

Excel elearning

We organize courses about using Excel spreadsheets at all levels, including expert consultations. It is a course tailored to the needs of remote learning. Excel webinar training is a service that will allow our clients to effectively use time without wasting it on commuting. Our instructors share their desktop for you and discuss planned issues. We conduct webinars on topics at various levels. We also run webinars from specific series, e.g. ETT: Excel Tricks & Trivia.  Pre-registered participants receive a link, while detailed data such as subject and date:
- in the calendar
- on banners
- posts on the FB profile
- at

Webinars are online trainings in a place convenient for you, without leaving home. Participation in such a course allows you to effectively acquire knowledge in comfortable conditions, in the place you choose. Excel webinar will help you raise qualifications in a relatively short time and low financial costs.


Everything that is needed in the field of MS Excel spreadsheets. Feel free to give us a feedback or sent e-mail with request or suggestions.
- basics of Excel
- advanced classes
- workshops, thematic webinats
- collect questions and create their categories, and then organize the entire webinar
Sometimes we also run webinars on a slightly more entertaining topic, like the ETT series, which will take place on June 18, 2020 with a webinar entitled "Trick & Trivia".

Excel learn at home

Excel elerning offers online training, full lessons, as well as particular subjects. As we know from our experience in excel training, the macro subject is one of most useful option. Most of all it helps to make work faster and more automatic. Further, that means saving user's time and energy. That is why we would like to interest you in Excel macro webinar as a thematic lessons.

Our Excel elearning offers thematic classes such as:

  • formulas and references
  • formatting sheets and cells
  • large data sets
  • tables and charts
  • importing and working with external data
  • sharing and controlling data