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Webinar: Excel in HR department

30 lipca 2020 @ 19 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

Webinar: Excel in HR department

Welcome again. Nice to see you! We have a good news. After a warm welcome for the very first webinar (ETT: Excel Tricks & Trivia) we would like to invite you for next on. This time we're going to show you some calculating and menaging solutions. That's why we choose a title Webinar: Excel in HR.

Feel free to join us, you all are invited if you only are interested in this type of webinarium. We are plannig to make more series like this particular one. They will be dedicated to HR department. Tist time also the webinar doesn't depend of your level of knowledge about Excel. We'll show to you some solutions, trivia and different tricks from all levels, that is why you don;t have to worry that you will be bored or did not understand the topic.

STAY TUNED for more news about our webinar: Excel in HR. What's most impostrant in comming days we'll provide a direct link to the online webinar on our FB profiles: Excel-webinar fanpage and S Partners fanpage (witch is still young and good rising) as well as our website. We'll be thankfull for all you feedback.



Andrzej Sobótka

I've been using Excel for nearly 20 years. Working with it for 15 and teaching it for a decade. It's my passion to use it in any possible way - trying to apply it to every possible part of my life.


Soon! In the end of month! July 30th! Watch and listen on our excel-webinar site! Free, interesting and useful topic, esspecially for HR department and office crew. We will start with a new series of webinar Excel in different departments. At start - webinar: Excel in HR department. The webinar will consist of two parts:

  1. in the first we will discuss the topic
  2. while in the second one we will answer current questions from participants.

It will also be available on YT channel - excel-webinar

Webinar: Excel in HR Department will contain among others:

  • how to menage data in HR department
  • work with employers and contractors
  • work with big amount of datas, validation and updating data
  • how to coordinate of demand for employees, recruitment, teams, and adress book
  • and many other characteristic Excel options for this particular department

Webinar: Excel in HR department


WHEN: July 30, 2020


LEVEL: all, mixed

DURATION: 40 min

TIME: 19:00 UTC
14:00 NY
11:00 LA


YT: availble

SITE: availble


30 lipca 2020
19 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min