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What is an Special Offer?

Elxcel-webinar special offer you can find mainly online lessons on unusual topics, e.g. Excel tricks and trivia. The second type of special offer is "on demand" webinars. The greater the response from you, the faster and more webinars we will conduct on topics reported by viewers. It all depends on your needs and commitment. This channel is meant to serve you and is created primarily for you.

What more does Excel-webinar Special offer contain?

The last type of special offer are free webinars. If we have such an opportunity, we conduct webinars with free participation for all interested parties. We make it clear on banners and announcements in social media. You will find all the information on information graphics, date, time and theme, as well as information whether the webinar is free. If you do not find any of the information during the announcements, wait calmly - it will appear on the next one. Typically there are 3 webinar announcement information for each webinar topic.

Below you will find a link to the calendar and topics of planned, current and past webinars. You can also watch the lessons on our YT channel. We remind you that full classes are held live, which means they consist of two parts: a lecture and answers to questions. After the webinar deadline, you can find the first parts on the channel. Therefore, we encourage you to participate online.

Special offer