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In our OFFER You can find several modes of excel webinars, like groups and indiviuals classes, consultations and lectures. Each dedicated to other kind of users. We can ensure, that our excel webinar is for you. Mode depends on what character you are. Then you can find appropriate classes. It is important for you to take into account the topic of the particular lesson, level and mode.

SPartners started as a professional company, running stationary training. On this we built our rich experience. We smoothly went to the webinar classes through the gradual introduction of online tutorials. Now we are dealing with mainly online training.

Only you and your trainer – you are most important

Whole classes, time, attention and knowledge just for you. This mode means that you are with instructor one on one for all lesson. Instructor will coordinate classes with your possibilieties and needs. It is much more comfortable for many users, esspecialy begginers. You can ask questions, discus and fully colaborate with instructor. What’s more you can work at your particular problem or project. This way you will get a usefull resoults during the learning process.

How do I know is it correct mode for me?

So we can give you some tips and clues:

Only you and your trainer

  • ask your self in what situations you feel most comfortable? Individual and calm? Or group and interactive?
  • if you are an strong individualist, or – on the contrary shy and modest – the individual mode is for you.
  • look for subject, that you are interested in
  • always check the level of advance, and verify if you are able to efectively participate in classes
  • also check the date of transmition – is it better for you to learn in morning or rather evening.
  • AND REMEMBER: Excel Webinar, only you and your trainer – it’s all about you!


If you would like to ask us questions – we recommend to check the OTHER QUESTIONS.  You can also always contact us and ask additional questions.

We are looking forward for your feedback.

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