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First – live webinar – the idea

In our opinion it is the future of learning. For many people, because of lack of time, or possibility to travel, our excel webinar is very effective. Is comfortable and cheaper way of learning, and getting new skill. A;aso for shy person. It helps to improve yourself. Also in psychic side and personality, due to gradual encouragement of the student.

Second – webinar subjects – examples:

  • Layout, and organize Excel sheets
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • basic functions
  • complex formulas
  • data menage
  • Table functions and formulas issues
  • Printing
  • Excel programming rules: data formats and macros for repetitive tasks
  • PivotTable and PivotCharts
  • Online Analytical Processing

…then much more.

Live webinar classes – some genral informations

We work usually in small groups or individual classes, so it will be most effective way of e-learning.
Some of classes are inclusive, some are open. Please see the adnotations in excel webinar calendar.

Excel Live webinar – levels of advancement

Live webinar

  • begginer – for all those users who has not worked on Excel yet, or just have some basic idea what it is.
  • intermediate  for those who has already worked on Excel’s sheets, and want to improve knowledge to work comfortable
  • advanced – for the users who depend heavily on Excel to prepare professional seets, also work with complex data.

How to proceed – in general

For more details and „step-by-step” insturction,
please see the „HOW TO PROCEED” section.

  1. Firstly – registrate and use log in panel to administrate your account
  2. Then view our agenda and excel webinar calendar
  3. Choose the subjects that you are interested in and (IMPORTANT) it’s level.
  4. Then send a request participation and made a payment (please see the payment and pricing sections)
  5. Finally use a direct link at day and time of choosen excel webinar classes
  6. So learn with us! Ask questions! Do exercises effectively! Then get smarter!

If you want to learn Excel, check out our OFFER. If you have any questions referring our trainings, articles, or workshops – you can always CONTACT US.