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Two main modes of our Excel webinar are individual trainings and group trainings. Excel webinar groups includes 2 main types of them.

Basic Excel webinar group

  • small group – from 2 to several people, like 4, or 5 users.
  • standard group – from 5 up to 10 users.
Other Excel webinar groups

Beside this we also train large groups of users, making a prelections. We use this type of Excel webinar Groups if the named lesson cieszy się szczególnie dużym zainteresowaniem. In our opinion, the most effective and comfortable way to learn – depend on what type of charakter is our listener – is individual, only you and your trainer, or a smal group. After all, comes from our years of experience.

Other modes of Excel webinar groupsExcel webinar groups

Beside it all, you can also join classes in thematic groups, due to our calendar. They are given due to the subject matter and/or advance level. Usually we use this distinction with ON-DEMAND WEBINAR mode and ONLINE WORKSHOPS. If you are interested in this kind of classes – let us know by sending an e-mail, call, or join gruoup by using informations from our calendar.

You can always check available and new modes of our Excel Webinars in the OFFER section. Most importantly is to be up to date with our graphic of webinars transmisions. WELCOME ALL, AND FEEL FREE TO JOIN US AT EXCEL WEBINARS FROM SPartners!

If you want to learn Excel, check out our offer of online webinars. To make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered and learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, articles, or workshops – you can always contact us.