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Excel webinar for whom?

…is for anyone who wants, needs or must learn Excel. Mainly for those of you, who just started using Excel. Intermediate users, and advanced ones also will find interesting subjects for them. Our Excel webinars are or whom more? For workers, paying dues in financial departments. For accountants, secretaries and buyers. Owners of stores, warehouseman. Employees of implementation departments, analysts. Finally, for users of young users, e.g. students, people seeking employment or in the first job. After all, everyone can discover how to make life easier, using Excel. That is -in our opinion- an important thing.

Levels of advancement
  • basic – for Excel Beginners is addressed for all those Microsoft users who has not worked on MS-Excel yet, or have seldom if ever opportunity to make use of its capacities of value
  • intermediate for those who has already worked on MS-Excel’s sheets, just to prepare simple charts, tables, and reports as well as for bussines purposes, as for private use, and whose will is to improve its knowledge
  • advanced – for the users who depend heavily on MS-Excel to prepare charts, tables, and professional reports that involve complex data. It will be very helpful for all those users who take a profit of MS-Excel regularly to analyse data

Training mode – which for whom?

Excel webinar for whom? We can ask again. Excel webinar is for you. It depends on what character you are. Then you can find appropriate class mode, fits personally to you. If you are an strong individualist, or – on the contrary- shy and modest – the individual mode is for you. If you are type of coworker, if you like to learn in group, if you like interaction – choose small or medium group mode. At last, but no least if you learn best from listening, and you like quiet and you value non interrupted studying – we recommend a lecture.