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Excel for everyone / the offer / MS Excel webinar

Our offer referring the MS Excel webinar trainings consists of:

  • basic skills for Excel Beginners is addressed for all those Microsoft users who has not worked on MS-Excel yet, or have seldom if ever opportunity to make use of its capacities of value
  • intermediate level for those who has already worked on MS-Excel’s sheets, just to prepare simple charts, tables, and reports as well as for bussines purposes, as for private use, and whose will is to improve its knowledge
  • advanced classes for the users who depend heavily on MS-Excel to prepare charts, tables, and professional reports that involve complex data. It will be very helpful for all those users who take a profit of MS-Excel regularly to analyse data

Excel for all Users / the trainings formulae

Individual classes. The most effective kind of course in our offer. The one-to-one formulae significantly influence an effectivenes of our trainings. These courses  obviously seem to be considered as the most suitable for participants’ expectations and allow to obtain the optimal flexibility of class form.

Small classes formulae provide the best quality/price ratio.

The knowledge presented during the course shall be effortless used for everyday business tasks. Taking profit of solid data provided by students we manage to obtain significant efficiency of our classes.

Large trainings courses for numerosus students at once. These classes are the most suitable for economic reasons. However, the formulae requires definitively a higher level of concentration. Highlty reccommendet to be organises at a workplace to have an opportunity to to have access to to common data just to increase and consume the information and examples given during the classes. For such a formulae the duration of classes does not set any problem for students.

Classes of lecture mode for notable number of attendees. This is the most sparring option in our offer. The cheapest form as to price per head is considered. However, it is strongly recommended and reserved only for big institutions or companies.

On-line classes and webinars. This option is the most comfortable and friendly for all students having offices at home or for from afar participants. Thanks to a high-tech  applied during the classes, the attendees are provided with sound and video line with simultaneus work on documents on one’s desktop.

Excel for everyone / a room for classes / MS Excel webinar

We shall hold the trainings at our seat at your home or workplace at your convenience.

Excel for all Users / contact

If you are interested in the offer as above, please do not hesitate to contact us to set all the necessary details.

Excel online webinar – enlist now:

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