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Excel webinar for Beginners / basic skills / also e-learning option available

This Excel webinar for begginers course of basic skills is addressed for all those Microsoft users who has not worked on MS-Excel yet, or have seldom if ever opportunity to make use of its capacities of value.

Excel webinar for Beginners / training forms

We always try to adapt our classes to needs and demands of any individual Client. We hold the trainings in small or larger groups, as well as we are also ready for a very individual meetings. We provide our excel webinar for beginners trainings to different Users’ levels e.i.: beginners, intermediate and advances students. We do pay attention to fact that the knowledge presented during the course shall be effortless used for everyday business tasks. Thus, we usually take a profit of data provided by students (e.g. tables with content etc.). It is worth mentioning that the duration of particular class should be adjust to a number of its participants. The more students take an active part in a course, the more time it may take to fulfil the class agenda. For the individual classes we suggest 4 hours for one meeting  shall not be exceeded. In case of classes of 3-4 students – max. 6 hours per meeting. Larger groups of participants are more to have 8 hours classes a day. These are obviously only our suggestions but they follow our experience-rich and may result in a better effectiveness of our trainings. We strongly insist on extended, exhaustive and comprehensive character of all classes we arrange. We do press on teaching the useful aspects of MS Excel usage during the course above all. We believe that by making short academic part of a course we may achieve the highest absorption of a new knowledge. This Excel webinar for Beginners option seems to be the best possible solution for you.

Excel for Beginners / a room for classes

We shall hold the trainings at our seat or at place suitable for the participants. We often organise our classes at workplace of students. As we have already mentioned above, we are also open to organise a webinar classes for student if it is convenient.

Excel for Beginners / extras

All exercise scripts that will be provided to all participants during the course do constitute very useful base for recalling the use of basic functions in Excel

We are open to any questions that may come up after the class. You can contact us via e-mail. In a case of a particular problem you may send us the file with description of a problem that occurs.

You may also contact us via our website (internet forum created for our students) where you are invited to ask your class trainers questions. You may also look for more information regarding Excel here.

Excel for Beginners / contact

If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us to set all the details. Please, do provide us with a short information referring your Excel skills level and possible terms for classes to be held.