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E-learning is evaluated in much the same way as traditional classroom based instruction. Evaluation should be captured on four levels: reaction – how much participants liked or disliked the e-learning experience, learning – how well participants retained the new knowledge encountered in the e-learning, behavior – how well participants transferred new knowledge to specific tasks, and finally, results – how well e-learning meets the instructional needs of your organization. Electronic platforms make capturing and storing this information much easier than in classroom based instruction. By tracking reaction, learning, and behavior outcomes, organizations can easily assess the impact of online training on important organizational outcomes.

Effective e-learning has the potential to make more personalized instruction accessible to more participants. However, achieving these results requires strong e-learning design. All aspects of effective e-learning must center on the instructional needs of participants, and how to optimize their online experience to meet those needs. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Effective E-learning.

Given the right circumstance, the benefits of e-learning are easy to see

Effective e-learning allows more participants to access more personalized instruction compared to traditional classroom-based instruction. However, achieving these results requires strong e-learning design. Effective e-learning design must carefully consider first, if e-learning serves the purpose of the instruction and, second, how to effectively incorporate content in a manner that is usable and engaging. Facilitators implementing the course, whether they are a facilitator in a webinar, or the IT whiz posting an asynchronous e-learning module online, must be familiar with how participants are likely to interact with the e-learning lesson. Finally, all aspects of effective e-learning design and implementation must be carried out with a focus on how participants will be evaluated in the levels of reaction, learning, and behavior.

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