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Mainly anytime! And mainly any place! Just check our Excel webinar calendar.

First you should decide what would you like to learn. Then go to our calendar under the text and find the right day and time of classes that you are interesting in. Report your will of participation. Use the direct link to our webinar.


Excel webinar calendar – how to use it

Here you can find general information about dates of classes. Other information you can find in „When?” section. But We strongly recommend you to use our calendar. This is a synchronized google calendar, updated automatically/ Therefore you can see what is going on at every moment. As well as status of each and every classes. Beside it you are going to find here an information about when and what hour we’ve planned nearest Excel webinar lessons.


In our Excel webinar calendar you will find also:Excel webinar calendar

  • subject
  • advance level
  • group section (if it will be chosen, like thematic group)
  • status
  • closed or open for listeners
  • mode (ex. on-demand webinar, online workshop or standard lesson)
  • expected duration of classes



If you would like to ask us some questions – we recommend first to check the Other questions section. Surely you could learn something new with SPartners. If you wish to learn MS Excel, or if you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us and ask additional questions.