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We are a professional company dealing with mainly online training. But also a webinars and e-learning. SPartners started as a company running stationary training and on this we built our rich experience. Smoothly went to the webinar classes through the gradual introduction of online tutorials.

We have young and energetic staff working for us, led by an experienced boss. We are a harmonious and experienced team. Each instructor has great and well-established experience – resulting from his own work with Excel; and professional experience, which they gained during the training of Excel at all levels.


Excel webinar about trainers – Basic information

The SPartners company has several various instructors. First of all we hire both woman and men. They trains users at every level – beginer, intermediate, advanced and professional. In each Excel webinar About trainersof the proposed modes – individually and in groups, prelection, on-demand and live webinars. At the same time, trainers can substitute each other if there is a need. We always do all we can to choose the best trainer to specific webinar. What is most important -they are experienced in training users with different requirements and capabilities. Our trainers are patient and have a large knowledge. Beside all this they’re waiting for your questions, will be happy to help and to provide useful information. After all they can help you in consultation mode.

Excel webinar about trainers – their competences

Most of our trainers are working for us for many successful years, training as well as individual person, as world companies. They have never failed us, and their are opened for suggestions. Most of them are using Excel at work and private life, so they know Excel news and what markets needs.

If you want to learn Excel, check out our offer of online webinars. Also make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered to learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us.