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To make us, our teachers and classes more friendly, we would like to tell some details about us. We hope it would make us not so official in your minds.

A little bit about us… and what’s our mission

We do believe that getting familiar with MS Excel via everyday use of its tools may bring your work less complicated and notably more seamless. Thus, we do try to hold our training in the most practical and useful formulae just to speed up the moment our students take advantage of Excel utilities by the end of our first meeting. So we do appreciate our participants’ eureka moments during our classes. Feel free to say: „I know when I will use it”, „I know how I can solve my problem” or „Can I do it simply like that ?!”.

MS Excel constitutes undeniably very high-power tool – unfortunately it still remains partly unused and incomprehensible. We do try to change this attitude by proving that the knowledge presented during our classes may be effortlessly used in course of your everyday tasks and that you can get familiar to Excel via the most friendly way in the shortest possible time.

About us / Excel teacher academy

Our trainers are patient and have a large knowledge. Beside all this they’re waiting for your questions, will be happy to help and to provide useful information. After all they can help you in consultation mode.

Most of our trainers are working for us for many successful years, training as well as individual person, as world companies. They have never failed us, and their are opened for suggestions. Most of them are using Excel at work and private life. For sure they know Excel news and what markets needs.

If you want to learn Excel, check out our offer of online webinars. Also make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered to learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us.