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In this, the third part of Excel basic tools box you will get the part of scenario prepared for our Excel online webinar. Make sure your basic knowledge of Excel is sufficient and please do remember we are ready to help you and be your guide as to this MS powerful tool.

How to use the IF function in Excel to calculate values based on different criteria

The IF function is one of the major building blocks of a successful Excel spreadsheet. As you’re learning Excel, it won’t be long before you want to write a formula that returns one result if something is true (e.g. pay 5% sales commission if sales are greater than $1000) and another result if it is false (pay 3% sales commission if sales are less than or equal to $1000).

Our Excel online webinar will show you how to use the IF function, and includes a number of example scenarios in which you might use the IF function as part of your spreadsheets.

How to use Autofilter in Excel / Excel online webinar

If you have a table of data arranged in columns with multiple rows of information, Autofilter is a very useful tool to know. Autofilter lets you treat a range of cells as a table and then filter out certain rows based on different criteria. For example, you might filter a table of sales data to show only rows where a certain product was sold. Of you might filter the same sales table to show only sales made between two dates, or sales over a certain value.

Our Excel online webinar cover the basics of setting up a data table in Excel that will be compatible with Autofilter, and then shows you how to enable Autofilter and use it for basic filtering.

How to create a Pivot Table in Excel

Pivot Tables are considered by most advanced Excel users to be the most powerful feature in Excel. Pivot Tables allow you to tabulate and report on data in your spreadsheets in ways that would take hours to achieve without using a Pivot Table.

Our Excel online webinar introduces you to Pivot Tables in Excel, and will show you the basics of how to use them. You can download our worked example spreadsheet so you can work through the lesson using the same data that we used to create the lesson.

If you want to learn Excel, if you are going to use Excel effectively, even if you’ve been using Excel for a while, check out our offer of Excel online webinars to make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered – and maybe learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us and ask additional questions.