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We would like to introduce you a few basic Excel tools covered by our Excel online classes. Make sure your basic knowledge of Excel is sufficient and please do remember we are ready to help you and be your guide as to this MS powerful tool.

Do you know how to enter basic formulas and calculations in Excel? / Excel online classes

If you’re learning Excel, formulas are where the real magic begins. Formulas allow you to perform calculations on data in your spreadsheet. Simple Excel formulas allow you to add up, subtract, multiply, divide and average one or more numbers in your spreadsheet. Complicated formulas allow you to calculate just about anything you like.

Use the SUM function to add up a column or row of cells in Excel – are you sure you know the rule? / Excel online classes

Adding up numbers is something most Excel users do every day. There are a number of ways to do this in Excel, and some of them are more efficient than others.

We will learn you how to use the SUM function, as well as some handy tips for adding up columns, rows and tables of numbers lightning fast – which means you’ll save time.

Absolute and relative references in Excel / online classes

Once you get the hang of creating simple formulas and adding up numbers in Excel, the next big thing to learn is the difference between relative and absolute references in Excel formulas. It can take a bit of time to get your head around, but understanding how relative and absolute references work in Excel, and when to use them, is essential to becoming an Excel ninja.

We will show you what absolute and relative references look like, how to create formulas that use them, and when you should (and shouldn’t) use absolute references.

If you want to learn Excel, if you are going to use Excel effectively, even if you’ve been using Excel for a while, check out our offer of Excel classes to make sure you have the basic Excel utilities covered – and maybe learn something new with SPartners. If you have any questions referring our trainings, you can always contact us and ask additional questions.