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only you and your trainer. In our opinion one of most effective way of learning.


different numbers, from two to several people. Even then we try to adapt our classes to individual needs.


for countable number of participants. The lecture contains topics illustrated with examples and per-defined exercises.

Other modes

Live Webinars


cover an array of popular Excel classes topics and are typically two hours in length. Are led by the high quality instructors. They offer updates and useful information. Therefore you can be well informed.

On-Demand Webinars


a popular Excel classes topics to keep tax professionals up to date and informed. Choose from our selection of on-demand webinars. Usually two hours long. Then learn when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Online Workshops

with our experienced instructors in a classroom setting. Our online workshops allow you to see video of the instructor and corresponding instructional slides. What is most important you’ll be able to ask questions. As well as interact with the instructor while following along with the e-book.

Online Training

multi-day courses, you’ll study with our high quality online materials, including an e-book, videos, interactive modules and live case studies.